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Your first visit at Kaz's

June 06, 2024 0 Comments

Your first visit at Kaz's

Today, we would like to introduce our store to everyone who's curious but hasn't had the chance to come by.


At Kaz's, we pride ourselves on offering traditional Japanese knife and crafts. Our team is dedicated to assisting our customers in finding the perfect knife to meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for Japanese knives, or simply want to explore a new place, we invite you to visit us and see what makes Kaz's special.


- What you can see at store - 

Japanese knives, Sheeth, Japanese whetstones, The tools for sharpening and so on. You can get sharpening service and class as well.

Additionally, some Japanese crafts such as Furoshiki wrapping clothes, Incense sticks and holder are available.


- We have various customers - 

We meet various customers and are always happy to talk to you!

Chef's, cooking enthusiasts, those just starting to cook, people looking for a gift knife and those interested in Japanese crafts - all kinds people visit us.

It might feel a bit daunting to come for the first time or to visit alone, but the owner Kazuki and the entire staff are looking forward to meeting you. Please feel free to drop by! 


- Shop address - 

We are located in 33 Grattan street, Prahran, VIC 3181.

It might be a bit hard to find us. Give us a call anytime if you need.


- Frequently Asked Questions - 

 ・Do I need to book for Sharpening service?

You don't have to book for sharpening service. Just bring your knives with you. Normally, it turn around a day but also depends on your knife's condition.

More details


・I would like to book for Sharpening class

Class is run at 4pm only by appointment. Please contact with Kaz for making a booking (0404500118).

More details


・Business days and hours

We open from 10am to 4pm everyday except Wednesday and Sunday.

(Closed on Public holiday)



Thank you for reading to the end.

See you on the next story.