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Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

Are you interested in getting your first serious kitchen knives or upgrading your current set? At Kaz’s Knife and Kitchenware, we have more than one professional chef knife set for you to choose from. Our products not only give you the best performance, but also allow you to carry out many different culinary tasks and applications. Whether you’re cutting meats, slicing fish, mincing herbs, chopping vegetables or dicing fruits, a chef knife set from Kaz’s Knife and Kitchenware won’t disappoint.

Choose from a Wide Range of Options

We offer a 2, 3, 4 and 5 kitchen knife set as well as complete fishing sets and more. These come with various combinations of Gyuto, Santoku, Petty, Paring, Deba and/or Sashimi knives, allowing you to choose a set that best suits your needs and intended purposes. Gift boxes are available for select products, plus we offer a gift wrapping service for maximum impact upon receipt.

We also offer a professional engraving service for our Sakai Jikko knives, giving our customers the opportunity to engrave a name or message of their choice on the blade. We can also engrave an image of your company logo. This is done in Japan and takes two to three weeks for delivery.

Place Your Order Today

At Kaz’s Knife and Kitchenware, we can provide you with a Japanese chef knife set in Australia that’s second to none in quality and value. Check out what we have for sale and order online today, or call us on (03) 9120 8902 or enquire online if you have any questions.