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Knife sharpening service and class

Knife sharpening services

Kaz's sharpening team will get your knives professionally sharpened with several different grit whetstones. It does not only regain the original sharpness but maximise the sharpness and edge retention to optimum results. 

At this moment, we do not take sharpening requests by post other than the knives purchased from us. Please bring your knives to our store (33 Grattan Street, Prahran, 3181)

Sharpening price:

$1 per cm (Ex: $20 for a 20cm chef's knife)

Including repair of minor chipping on blades. (extra $10 for fixing chipping above 2mm)

Pricing may change depending on the condition of the blade 

Broken tip can be repaired with this sharpening service.


Handle replacement - half tang knives only


$60~$90 depending on the type of the handle you choose from our stock


Kaz's sharpening class

60min session

For 1 person $100 
2 people $150
3 people $200

Kaz will show you how to sharpen Japanese knives with whetstones. Class is run at 4pm only by appointment. Please contact Kaz for making a booking. (0404500118)

According to your needs and current skills, Kaz will organise a class for different types of sharpening techniques. One session covers one area of sharpening skills.

Examples of sharpening techniques:

10% discount will be applied on sharpening tools if you wish to purchase one after the class.