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Essential for vegetable lovers "Nakiri knife"

June 13, 2024 0 Comments

Essential for vegetable lovers

In a typical household, commonly used knives include Santoku and Gyuto. However, are you familiar with a Nakiri knife, which excels at beautifully cutting vegetables? Here, we introduce the Nakiri knife recommended for those who frequently prepare vegetables.

- What is Nakiri? -

Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese knife, well-suited for cutting vegetables and fruits. It has been around since the Edo period and is deeply rooted in Japanese culinary culture. Nakiri knives are primarily used for cutting vegetables and fruits and have a slightly different shape compared to general knives. They feature a straight edge and a wide blade height, giving them a rectangular shape. The large surface area of the blade allows for even pressure distribution on the food, making it ideal for cutting vegetables. 


- Uses of Nakiri knife -

The advantage of Nakiri knife lies in their ease of use when cutting vegetables. The wide and and flat shape of the blade ensures stable and straight cuts, making it easy to slice vegetables evenly. Additionally, Nakiri knife is double-edged, making them convenient for both right-handed and left-handed users. The sharp edge allows for smooth cutting of hard vegetables with minimal effort, reducing strain on the hands and arms.


- Can Nakiri knives cut meat? - 

While it is possible to cut meat with a Nakiri knife, the lack of a pointed tip makes it less suitable for making incisions compared to a Gyuto (Chef's knife). Therefore, Nakiri knife is the best described as knife designed for handling vegetables beautifully and efficiently.


- Nakiri knives at Kaz's store-

・Sakai Jikko "Nakiri" Vegetable Knife- Damascus with Hammered Finish (16cm)

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・Sakai Jikko "Loco Damascus" Wa-Nakiri Knife SG2 Powdered High Speed Steel Mirror-Polished Nickel Damascus with Japanese Oak Handle (16cm)

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・Misuzu Wa-Nakiri AUS10 Core Damascus Steel Magnolia and Buffalo Horn Handle 16.5cm



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