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About G-Sakai (Seki-city, Gifu)

G-Sakai was founded in 1947 as a pocket knife maker. The knife making technique has developed in Seki-city, commonly known as "city of knife" in Japan. Their early pocket knife was well received in the US market and this allowed the company to create a number of other brands' OEM knife products.

Today, G-Sakai is one of the world-renowned knife makers not only for the field of outdoor knives but also for culinary items. Their knives are 100% handmade and their artisans are required to possess delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Please note: Do not hand wash or put this item in a dishwasher as it causes the print to come off. 


Knife specification


Whole length: 212mm

Blade length: 95mm

Blade thickness: 3.4mm

Weight: 167g (leather sheath  included 236g)

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