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Double-Sided Paddle Strop - Black Cow Leather

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SYDNEY STROP CO. is the sole Australian-made certified company manufacturing leather strops and strop paste.

Located in the  NSW Hills district of Sydney. They take pride pride in producing high-quality Australian products, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural textures and colours in their designs. Collaborating with local leather tanners and woodworkers, their  excellent products are renowned not only to Australia but also worldwide. Each strop and strop paste is meticulously handcrafted and undergoes quality testing.

What is leather strop?

Suitable for from beginners to advanced users. This strop effortlessly restores your edge to razor sharpness. It is an invaluable tool for reviving dull edges with minimal effort.

The double-sided cow leather sharpening strop from our collections is guaranteed to streamline your sharpening routine for both knives and cutting tools.


The merit of using leather strop

When a knife begins to dull, restoring its sharpness can be achieved more conveniently with a leather strop coated with compound rather than revisiting the whetstone. This method is not only easier but also safer, as it minimizes the risk of removing excess steel and does not require good sharpening skills.

Should the strop not achieve the desired edge, it may be necessary to re-sharpen the knife using a whetstone. Personally, I advocate for natural methods; thus, I prefer using a raw leather strop without compounds to remove any burrs following the whetstone. This technique ensures peak sharpness and a truly satisfying feel.


Cow leather

Cowhide leather is less likely to cracking and is more durable. In general, cowhide adds strength to the bevel due to its spongy properties that help create a convex edge on the blade.

Total length – 40.5 cm (15.94 inches)

Length of the leather working part – 26 cm (10.23 inches)

Working width of the leather – 7.3 cm (2.80 inches)

Base material – Australian Blackbutt

Leather material - Australian premium Cow hide

Leather Colour - Black