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Katsuramuki Vegetable Slicer – “Chiba, Peel S”

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What is Katsuramuki?

Katsuramuki is the art of peeling a white radish (daikon) with a thin knife. It is commonly used to create a garnish for sashimi dishes. This technique requires chefs to be highly skilled in slicing and needs a lot of practice to master this.

In order to slice daikon radish paper-thin even professional chefs take 30-60 min to get this job done but with this machine the whole prep takes only 5 min.


Process of slicing

1: Mount the blade adapter on the rack stand (match the hole on the adapter with the ring on the rack as below)


2: Cut the radish 120mm or less, peel the skin, put the pole into the center of radish



3: Start rotating the handle to right and lower the slide lever to let the blade attach radish.



4: Press radish gently with the blade and start slicing. The faster you rotate the handle the thinner the result is.

Use the same method for other vegetables such as carrots, potates, etc.



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