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Seki Kanetsugu - 2 Steak Knife (Rounded tip) & 2 Fork Set in a gift box

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About Seki Kanetsugu

Inherited from their ancestral Japanese sword-smith, Kanetsugu dating back to Muromachi-era (700 years ago), Seki Kanetsugu (est 1918) utilizes traditional blade-manufacturing method and incorporates it into modern technology in their knife making today.

Seki city (Gifu Prefecture) is known as one of the world's most famous knife producing regions (like Solingen in Germany) and the majority of kitchen knives in Japan are made in this city. Hamaguri-ba (clam-shape blade) and subzero quenching treatment are some of the features unique to Seki knives.


Blade: 13 Chrome stainless steel

Handle: Polypropylene

Weight of steak knife: 47g

Whole length of steak knife: 21.5cm

Blade length of steak knife: 9.8cm


User's Experience

"It is very simple but luxurious. Lightweight compared to its appearance, it can cut meat without much effort. It can also slice thick roast beef into thin slices.It can be used not only for slicing meat but also for slicing tarts. "

"Smoothly cuts even stringy meat. The best thing is that we can wash them with dishwasher!"

"I was looking for a new steak set knife set and bought these to give a try. I was so happy with them that I bought more."

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