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Sakai Jikko Premium Master II Ginsan - Silver3 steel - boning knife (Honesuki-Maru)

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About Boning (Honesuki) knife

Boning knife (Honesuki) is to remove the bones of poultry and meat. This Japanese Honesuki is very similar to western boning knife but the Honesuki blade has a unique feature that softly bends. 

Honesuki knife, characterized by its shorter blade, offers excellent maneuverability, making it easier to navigate around intricate bone structures. Typically, a length around 15cm is considered manageable. The narrow blade allows for precise cutting into ingredients, effortlessly handling larger pieces like meat or fish. Its narrow width also prevents ingredients from sticking to the blade, ensuring smooth and comfortable cooking as you cut continuously.

Honesuki knives are designed with a thick and sturdy blade, enabling them to cut through soft bones without dulling or bending. The Maru (Western style) lacks a protruding bolster, making it convenient for transportation during outdoor activities like camping or BBQs. Conversely, Kaku (Eastern style) offers added protection to the hand, reducing the risk of injury. For those less experienced with knife handling, the bolstered back with a clear boundary line, ensuring safety, might be preferable.