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Push-down kitchen scissors

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What is Push-down kitchen scissors?

The curved blade of this Push-down kitchen scissors hold the ingredients in place, making it easier to cut and causes less fatigue on the hand. You use it as a normal scissors when you need to cut some things into pieces.
All parts of the scissors are made in Tsubame-Sanjo, famous for its hardware and kitchenware production. You can stand sideways and it cuts off water automatically.


Length:187 mm

Width:98 mm

Height: 29mm



Direction to use

Place the flat part of the handle against a flat surface.
Gripping the scissors with your right hand, press down on the top of the handle to cut.


Example of use:Fish preparation, Boned meat, milk carton, small cardboard


What is Tsubame-Sanjo?

Tsubame-Sanjo is famous area as a manufacturing and hardware town where advanced metalworking technology.

The roots of these two areas can be traced back to the early Edo period, when they began manufacturing Japanese nails as a side business for farming communities. Today, the Tsubame area specializes in the manufacture of Western-style metal tableware, and the Sanjo area specializes in the manufacture of cutlery such as kitchen knives and scissors, each inheriting traditional techniques as a globally recognized industry.