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Outdoor Knife - KIMUN KAMUY 2 Fixed VG10 Core Damascus Steel with G-10 Handle (Leather Sheath Included)

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About G-Sakai (Seki-city, Gifu)

G-Sakai was founded in 1947 as a pocket knife maker. The knife making technique has developed in Seki-city, commonly known as "city of knife" in Japan. Their early pocket knife was well received in the US market and this allowed the company to create a number of other brands' OEM knife products.

Today, G-Sakai is one of the world-renowned knife makers not only for the field of outdoor knives but also for culinary items. Their knives are 100% handmade and their artisans are required to possess delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship.


KIMUN KAMUY 2 VG10 Damascus Outdoor knife

The designer of this knife is Takaaki Chujo, a 50-year experienced hunter from Hokkaido (Northernmost large island of Japan). According to Mr. Chujo, this knife is designed to combine the sturdiness of a hatchet and the sharpness that easily cuts into the prey. The blade shape and grip are carefully crafted for quick and accurate use in the harsh winters of Hokkaido. The name "KIMUN KAMUY" refers to the brown bear, known as the "mountain god" in the Ainu language (indigenous Hokkaido language).

The blade shape is likened to the canine tooth of the brown bear. Considering the function of self-defense, improved stabbing performance gives you better protection from fierce animals. Of course, this knife is well fit for skinning and slaughtering preys.


About G-10 handle

G-10 is laminated fiberglass that is solidified with resin. It has the similar characteristics to carbon fiber with the lowest water absorption and high resistance to acid and alkali thanks to its insulation effects. Being lightweight and durable, G-10 is the most preferred handle material for professional knife makers.


Knife specification

Blade: VG10 core 15 layered damascus

Handle: G-10

Whole length: 225mm

Blade length: 110mm

Blade thickness: 3.4mm

Weight: 200g

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