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Outdoor Knife - Campin' Twin Chopper Fixed VG10 Steel with FRN Handle (Belt Clip Sheath Included)

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About G-Sakai (Seki-city, Gifu)

G-Sakai was founded in 1947 as a pocket knife maker. The knife making technique has developed in Seki-city, commonly known as "city of knife" in Japan. Their early pocket knife was well received in the US market and this allowed the company to create a number of other brands' OEM knife products.

Today, G-Sakai is one of the world-renowned knife makers not only for the field of outdoor knives but also for culinary items. Their knives are 100% handmade and their artisans are required to possess delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship.


Campin' Twin - One knife for two ways

This camping knife has the thicker blade toward the handle and thinner blade toward the tip, allowing rough work for bushcraft and delicate work for food ingredients.


Handle - FRN (Glass fiber reinforced nylon)

A new type of plastic material developed by DuPont de Nemours, Inc., preferred handle material by knife makers because of its lightweight and durability. FRN does not get affected by chemicals and solvent, having high insulation as well as flexibility for colouration.


Knife specification

Blade: VG10 core

Handle: FRN (fiber reinforced nylon)

Whole length: 267mm

Blade length: 137mm

Blade thickness: 4mm

Weight: 210g