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Outdoor Knife - ALLIGATOR Fixed VG10 Steel with Micarta Handle (Leather Sheath Included)

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About G-Sakai (Seki-city, Gifu)

G-Sakai was founded in 1947 as a pocket knife maker. The knife making technique has developed in Seki-city, commonly known as "city of knife" in Japan. Their early pocket knife was well received in the US market and this allowed the company to create a number of other brands' OEM knife products.

Today, G-Sakai is one of the world-renowned knife makers not only for the field of outdoor knives but also for culinary items. Their knives are 100% handmade and their artisans are required to possess delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship.


Alligator VG10 Outdoor knife

The large survival knife suited for removing animal hide and processing meat. It can also be utilised for bushcraft and camping.


Handle: Black micarta

Micarta is phenolic resin material originally developed by Westinghouse corporation. It is compressed and laminated layers of material such as linen, paper and plywood. Excellent at waterproof and antiseptic property as well as durability, Micarta is highly sought after by worlds knife creators for handle material.


Knife specification

Blade: VG10 core

Handle: Black Micarta

Whole length: 273mm

Blade length: 145mm

Blade thickness: 4.5mm

Weight: 280g

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