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Ohira Uchigumori Powder(Uchiko) / polishing powder (very fine grids)

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Pure Uchigumori powder. Used to wipe oil from the blade also used as foundation of Urushi painting.

You can also use this powder for polishing your Japanese knives. Some people make muddy slurry from this fine powder and apply on the whetstone for extra smooth sharpening experience.

50ml container (40g powder)





What is Uchigumori whetstone?

Uchigumori is a Japanese natural whetstone mined in Ohira, the vicinity of Kyoto. They are very fine finishing stones for sharpening, basically aimed at sharpening Japanese swords. These beautiful-looking stones allow you to achieve a distinct Kasumi (hazy-looking) finish for your single edged Japanese knives as well as exquisite sharpness.

Any Uchigumori stone can be utilised to acquire the above result, but technically it can be categorised into 2 types - Habiki (soft type for the core steel) and Jibiki (hard type for the cladding steel). Those that are crashed into small pieces are commonly called finger stones, having different names as Hazuya and Jizuya.