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Nousaku - Tin 100% Old fashioned Tumbler

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Height : 100mm /  350cc

As the name suggests, this tumbler allows you to enjoy whiskey, brandy, and other alcoholic beverages with large ice cubes.
It has a round shape like a tulip flower and is easy to hold, and the mouth is designed with a gentle curve that makes it easy to drink.
Since ancient times, tin has been used for sake and tea ware, as it is said that "water in a tin vessel does not rot" and "it removes the unpleasant taste of sake and makes it mild." In addition, due to its high thermal conductivity, the vessel itself cools well when ice is added, allowing you to enjoy a well-chilled drink.
It has a large capacity of 350cc, so why not enjoy a relaxing drink while enjoying conversation with your family and friends?

About Nousaku

Established in 1916, Nousaku is known as one of the top silverware manufacturing companies in Japan. They are based in Takaoka-city (Toyama Prefecture), which has thrived with copper production for 400 years.

Their products range from Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea ceremony utensils, interior goods to medical instruments. Most of all, their 100% pure tin drinkware and tableware are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have functionally significant value in use.


100% Pure Tin - high thermal conductivity and antibacterial effect

Nousaku utilises 100% pure tin in every piece of their tableware items. Tin is the most expensive metal after gold and silver, can be bendable and most suited for serving cold food and drinks. This is because tin chills so quickly in a refrigerator that it makes your drink, entree and dessert more enjoyable. Tin is also highly antibacterial and said to remove bitterness from sake as well as other beverages, resulting in milder taste.


Care guide for 100% tin tableware - how to prevent discolouration

  • Do not put in a dishwasher, please ensure to hand wash with a soft sponge and liquid detergent.
  • Do not keep in a refrigerator for a long time, it will chill in a few minutes.
  • Do not scratch a tin plate with a knife