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Nousaku - Tin Incense Holder (leaf raft shape)

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An incense holder with a cute raft motif with a small fruit in the middle of the leaf.
The refreshing blue glass ball looks like a small fruit.
Please stand the incense on the part of the glass ball and use it.

Crafted utilizing the traditional casting techniques of Takaoka, Toyama, a region renowned for its metalworking heritage, this stand comes complete with a stick-type incense holder. It can use in any spaces.
Enjoy a moment of relaxation as you complement your traditional Japanese incense using this unique and artful stand

About Nousaku

Established in 1916, Nousaku is known as one of the top silverware manufacturing companies in Japan. They are based in Takaoka-city (Toyama Prefecture), which has thrived with copper production for 400 years.

Their products range from Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea ceremony utensils, interior goods to medical instruments. Most of all, their 100% pure tin drinkware and tableware are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have functionally significant value in use.