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Misono 440 Petty Knife (12cm)

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About Misono

Misono is a specialty manufacturer that has continued to forge knives for professional use in the sword city of Seki which boasts 800 years of tradition and is famous for the swordsmiths Seki no Magoroku.

Just as a swordsmith strikes, forges, and kneads steel in burning flame, incorporating the soul into the blade, Misono's kitchen knives are tempered by skilled craftsmen.

Misono is a group of exceptionally talented artisans who developed a manufacturing method that combines cutting-edge technology using new manufacturing equipment with traditional techniques and is a start-to-finish manufacturer boasting advanced technology for the forging, shaping, heat treatment, grinding, polishing, and edging of metal materials with a focus on steel and stainless steel.


Subzero Treatment

Subzero treatment is a special process wherein the blade is cooled to -70°C after tempering, increasing hardness and toughness and further enhancing sharpness.


Blade Edging

Pro craftsmen follow traditional techniques to edge the blade by hand with natural whetstones using rough, medium, and finishing stones.


The Nickel Silver Bolster

The fresh slanted shape increases sharpness and functionality and the knife's smart and high-tech design is clearly expressed in the quality and dignity of the nickel silver bolster used for the handguard.


The black hardwood handle

The handle of the UX10 uses a high-quality black hardwood handle befitting of its status as a quality item. Hard and durable yet giving, the natural materials perfectly fit your hand.


What is Petty Knife?

The Petty knife is used for small, delicate work such as peeling vegetables and fruits. It's a small and versatile kitchen knife with a wide variety of applications, such as peeling vegetables and fruits, or decorating fruits for cocktails and cakes. 




Kaz's Knife "No worries, Minor-Issue Warranty"

Having been used for a while, even good knives can get chipped and rusty as seen on the above video, but don't worry! 

Most of minor issues can be fixed by sharpening on a #1000 whetstone. We have tutorial videos for you to learn how to use whetstone. However, it might seem a bit hard work to get it done by yourself.

Kaz's knife is offering "Minor-issue warranty" which covers small chips and rust on the knives you purchased from us. You can always contact us when you feel your knife became dull, chipped, rusty, etc. We fix those minor issues and send the sharpened knife back to you, for free of charge! (you only bear the postage for sending us)

(*) Please be advised, we do not warrant major issues caused by misuses of customers such as dropped, cutting bones or frozen food, putting too much force into hard materials, etc.


About delivery

We ship products from Melbourne with Australia Post. Delivery for stocked items takes 1-4 business days depending on your location. Please allow extra 2-3 business days for an international delivery.

Free shipping applies above $250 orders.


Return policy

Our policy lasts 7 days. If 7 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.


Three merits to have good, quality kitchen knives

(*) From What is the difference in prices of kitchen knives? - from Sakai Jikko website

1. Better sharpness

Improving the cut quality of the kitchen knife, we can promise that "your cooking will be more delicious", "your cooking time will be reduced", and "cooking will be more fun".

2. It is easy to re-sharpen

Since quality kitchen knives do not have distortion, sharpening will become easier. Just as important as the cut quality of a kitchen knife is that it is easy to sharpen. 

3. It retains its sharpness for longer

If you use quality kitchen knives, you can extend the intervals between when you need to re-sharpen.


Message from Kaz and Harry

"Good knife will change your life"

The best shortcut to improving your cooking is to change to a good sharp kitchen knife.

If the knife cuts well, the ingredients will taste delicious. And a delicious dish puts a smile on the face of the people who eat it. 

We want you to make life itself more fun by changing your kitchen knife. Let us guide you to choose the good knife to change your life.