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Iwasaki Hand Forged Japanese Kamisori Razer 44mm

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The Iwasaki razor, crafted by Sanjo-Seisakujo situated in Sanjo-city, Niigata, emerges from a rich tradition of blacksmithing synonymous with the region. Sanjo, celebrated as a hub of Japanese craftsmanship, underscores the razor's origins. Founded by Kosuke Iwasaki, the company seamlessly integrated sword-making techniques into the production of compact razors, a feat considered exceptionally challenging at the time.

Renowned among shaving enthusiasts worldwide, this hand-forged Kamisori razor epitomizes exclusivity. Its unparalleled sharpness and comfort make it a standout among Japanese razors. Notably, the Iwasaki razor prioritizes both sharpness and safety, achieved through meticulous craftsmanship. The slightly rounded edge ensures a smooth and secure shaving experience, distinguishing it as a pinnacle of shaving technology.