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Incense Sticks - "Sakura" Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent


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Vendor: Kameyama

Why not enjoy the traditional scent of Japanese incense in the comfort of your own home?

About products

・Each package has about 400 incense sticks.

・It lasts approximately 19 minutes for each stick to burn out in room temperature.


About Kameyama

"Kameyama" is a candle maker from Kyoto, Japan, and one of the leading manufacturers supplying half of Japan's incense.
Established in Kyoto in 1927, this renowned company continues to pass down its traditional techniques to this day.

About " incense ticks series "Wayu"

These series of incense is called "Wayu", It's a collaboration between Kyoto's traditional craftsmanship and French-designed boxes. These beautiful boxes can be repurposed as small containers even after the incense is used up.
With a variety of scents ranging from traditional to modern, they are highly recommended for both personal use and gifting purposes.

Amount of Smoke

Please consider the following regarding the amount of smoke:

・Sakura: Minimal
・Shiraume: Average
・Kinmokusei: Minimal
・Kuchinashi: Quite minimal