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Medium Grit Stropping Paste

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SYDNEY STROP CO. is the sole Australian-made certified company manufacturing leather strops and strop paste.

Located in the  NSW Hills district of Sydney. They take pride pride in producing high-quality Australian products, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural textures and colours in their designs. Collaborating with local leather tanners and woodworkers, their  excellent products are renowned not only to Australia but also worldwide. Each strop and strop paste is meticulously handcrafted and undergoes quality testing.

What is leather strop paste?

This stropping paste is a bespoke formulation created exclusively for SYDNEY STROP CO. to complement their premium leather strops.

Chrome Oxide special blend with a rating of about 3 micron which equates to 8,000 Grit.  This unique blend ensures the leather strop remains supple and well-conditioned for years to come.

Stropping paste serves as the ultimate abrasive in the sharpening sequence. Its minute abrasive particles can refine an existing edge to a mirror-like finish, yet they lack the aggressiveness to restore a dull edge to sharpness. For it to be effective, the edge being sharpened should have already been refined using the finest sharpening stones prior to applying the compound.