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"Furoshiki" Wrapping Cloth - Sankin Reversible Choju-Jinbustu-Giga (104cm x104cm)

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About Choju-Jinbustu-Giga

"The Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga is a satirical picture scroll created in Japan 800 years ago. It continues to attract attention today due to its rich portrayal and expressive mastery of lines. The anthropomorphized rabbits, monkeys, and frogs, seemingly embodying the people of that era, energetically frolic across the cloth, conveying the spirit of the time even after 800 years." 

What is "Furoshiki"?

A simple square cloth called Furoshiki is one of the traditional Japanese cultures.
For more than 1,000 years, we have handed gifts to someone and wrapped them with the seasonal design of Furoshiki in Japan.

Furoshiki is versatilely used in many different ways. Their number of uses stretches as far as your imagination, you can wrap a gift, use it as a shopping bag, or decorate your room. It is very useful to carry items and if you make your gift with Furoshiki, it will be helpful for you to express your feelings to someone.

About MUSUBI of Yamada sen-i

Yamada Sen-i was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of Furoshiki and we have been focusing on promoting Japanese Furoshiki.
The name of our Furoshiki brand “MUSUBI” comes from “born(生す/musu)” and “beauty(美/bi)” in Japanese.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
  • Weight: 43 g. (1.5oz)
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.