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Cutting Board Scraper - Red #320 and Blue #120 Set

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Remove dirt with blue and finish with pink to maintain the cutting board.

Precautions for use
If the knife has deep scratches or dirt that has entered a large uneven surface, it may not be possible to remove it.
Do not use on painted products.
Dirt that has soaked into the cutting board cannot be removed.
Minor scratches may get on the surface of the cutting board. Test on an inconspicuous side before use.
For wooden and plastic cutting boards only.

Removes dirt and stain from cutting boards that are difficult to remove just by rubbing with water.
Water-resistant abrasive paper used for polishing wood coating films and fabrics is used.
It can be used for wooden cutting boards as well as plastic cutting boards.
Remove dirt and stain with blue and finish with pink to maintain the cutting board!

How to use
1. Wet the cutting board and the black side of this product with water and rub it off while flushing with water. (When using a wooden cutting board, rub along the grain.)
2 Clean off any dirt.
3 Wipe the cutting board with a clean cloth.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the pink finishing sponge.