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Jnat(Japanese Natural Whetstone) - A5 Aiiwadani Tomae

This product is available.

Length: 135mm

Width: 80mm

Height: 25mm

Weight: 700g

Hardness :


Why do we sharpen with Jnat?

Popularity of Jnat has grown because of the beautiful finishing results on the blade surface. It creates the distinct contrast between the edge line and cladding steel as well as natural luster that evenly appears throughout. Exceptional sharpness is also the point why users prefer Jnat. Furthermore, its delicate abrasive performance prevents excessive grinding on the steel, which often leads to rust developed on scratches. Overall, Jnat enables more precise and even-toned sharpening.

Maintenance for natural whetstones

Do not soak in water. Water penetrates into the layer of stone, causing it to crack.

Recommended to protect the sides with cashew coating from cracking.

After use, wash with running water, wipe, wrap the stone with dry cloth and leave in a cool place. Please avoid direct sunlight.

Complimentary cashew coating service

Only available for natural whetstones you purchase from us. We offer a free cashew coating for those taking extra care of the stones. It takes a week for pickup as we apply cashew 3 times on the sides and it needs to be completely dry.