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Chopstick tong - Akebono

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The lacquer applied by craftsmen elegantly enhances the Japanese atmosphere.

There is anti-slip processing at the tip of the handle. The tip is thin and narrow, making it convenient for use as cooking chopsticks or serving chopsticks. Since the tip does not touch the table even when placed directly on it, you can use it with  peace of mind in terms of hygiene.

About "Akebono"

"Akebono nuri - 曙塗り" is a traditional Japanese lacquerware technique where black lacquer is applied over red lacquer and then polished to reveal the underlying red layer.

Conversely, "Negoro nuri" refers to the method where a base coat of black lacquer is applied, followed by a top coat of red lacquer.

Material : 18-0 stainless steel

length : 180mm

※Please avoid using over direct flame.