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Asahi CookinCut - Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board for Professional Use (50x25x1.5cm)

Parker Asahi

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Vendor: Parker Asahi

Knife (santoku 16.5cm) on the cutting board is not included


Asahi CookinCut - the first synthetic rubber cutting board made in Japan

Since developed in 1965, Asahi CookinCut cutting boards have always been the top choice of professional chefs for its excellent features, allowing a number of chefs to benefit from ease of cutting and hygiene.

When it comes to selecting a chopping board in commercial kitchens, blade-unfriendly plastic ones are commonly chosen as wooden boards easily get scratched and are therefore unhygienic. This synthetic rubber cutting board solves the problem and allows users to enjoy the wooden-like softer surface causing less damage on the blade and a high level of hygiene at the same time.


Feature 1 - Scratch resistant

Since this cutting board is made from rubber material, the elasticity does not only allow soft and comfortable cut but prevent the surface from being easily scratched, which is more hygienic and lower maintenance.

Feature 2 - Less impact on the blade

The softer surface than plastic boards feels like using a wooden cutting board. Therefore, it causes less impact on the blade and wrist. Also, there is lower risk of the blade getting chipped or dulling quickly.  

Feature 3 - Absorption resistant

Asahi CookinCut boards dry up more quickly than those made of other materials. It helps stop mold and bacteria from growing and prevent smells left on the board. You can simply wipe the surface and place another food item.


The Professional model has higher durability and contains wooden powder 

The difference between the Professional and Home range is that the material of the Professional range has higher durability, enabling to endure intensive uses. Also, it has wooden powder blended into the material so that it feels more like using a wooden chopping board over the Home range.