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Tokyo Abu Kumagawa - Pruning Shears Type B Leather Clip (18cm/20cm)

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Japan's top quality pruning shears - Tokyo Abu Kumagawa

Abu Kumagawa, known for the oldest foundation of gardening shear manufacturing in Japan, has more than 200 years of experience in business. The craftsmanship utilises the special method of forging, and its sharpness and durability is second to none in the field of gardening shears.


Why are Japanese pruning shares so valuable?

Japanese pruning shears are characterized by their simplicity, sharpness, and durability. In addition to their sharpness and comfort of use, these scissors are gentle to plants because they do not damage the branches.

If you cut a plant with a double-edged blade such as regular shears, pressure is applied from both sides. On the other hand, pruning shears have the blade on only one side, and the other side is like a platform, which cuts the branch as if pushing it through. Even thick or hard branches can be cut without applying pressure, thus reducing the risk of damage to the branch.

Ordinary scissors are designed to cut paper, so they can not cut plant cells that contain a lot water. Therefore, if you try to cut them by force, the cells will be crushed.


Care guide

Do not cut metal wires

Wipe tree sap after use, application of oil is recommended to prevent rust