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All knives come with minor issue warranty.

Kaz's Knife "No worries, Minor-Issue Warranty"

That's why people choose Kaz's, unlike other sellers without support.

Having been used for a while, even good knives can get chipped and rusty as seen on the above video, but don't worry! 

Most of minor issues can be fixed by sharpening on a #1000 whetstone. We have tutorial videos for you to learn how to use whetstone. However, it might seem a bit hard work to get it done by yourself.

Kaz's knife is offering "Minor-issue warranty" which covers small chips and rust on the knives you purchased from us. You can always contact us when your knife gets chipped, rusty, etc. We fix those minor issues and send the sharpened knife back to you, for free of charge! (you only bear the postage for sending us)

(*) Please be advised, we do not warrant major issues caused by misuses of customers such as dropped, cutting bones or frozen food, putting too much force into hard materials, etc.

This warranty also comes with a free first sharpening. 

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