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Welcome to Our Japanese Knife Shop

Want to buy a Japanese knife in Australia of the highest quality? At Kaz’s Knife and Kitchenware, we stock a wide range of knives including Gyuto (chef’s) knives, Santoku and Nakiri knives, Petty and Paring knives, Sashimi and Deba knives, vegetable slicers, and more. Whether you want a traditional Japanese knife set in Australia that allows you to perform a variety of different tasks or you simply want to replace one of your knives with a Japanese chef knife, we have the best options available to meet your needs. In addition, we proudly offer sharpening tools and a sharpening service which can maximise the edge retention and sharpness of your Japanese knife in Australia.


Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being the best online Japanese knife store. Reasons to choose us for a knife set of Japanese make include:

• A wealth of knowledge and years of experience
• Personalised attention and tailored customer service
• Our store location: Prahran is convenient to get to
• Affordable prices without compromising on quality
• All knives come with a minor issue warranty
• Simple online shopping system and prompt delivery
• Physical and digital gift vouchers available

We also offer an engraving service to create personalised knives. We give you the opportunity to put a special name or message for just $10 per knife, using laser engraving for alphabet letters and most other characters. Hand carved engraving is available for Japanese Kanji letters.

In addition, every Japanese knife you buy online or in-store will come with a minor issue warranty. This covers small chips and rusting which we can fix using a #1000 sharpening whetstone. Your first sharpening is free of charge, so don’t hesitate to send your knife to us when you need it restored.

Contact Us Today

Kaz’s Knife and Kitchenware is a leading Japanese knife shop where you can find an impressive range of Japanese knifes. Take a look at what we have to offer and buy online today, or visit us in-store. You can also ask questions and get advice by calling us on (03) 9120 8902 or submitting an enquiry online.

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