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Japanese cooking knives for someone advanced

July 09, 2024 0 Comments

Japanese cooking knives for someone advanced

For those of you becoming more accustomed to cooking and thinking about your second knife, let us introduce Kaz's selection to you.



- Gyuto (Chef's knife) - 

Gyuto known as a French knife or Chef's knife. It comes in size  increments of 30 mm up to a length of about 300mm. When it comes to versatility and usefulness for various purpose, the chef's knife is undoubtedly the go-to choice.


・Sakai Jikko "Gyuto" Chef's Knife VG10 Core and Damascus Steel with hammered finish (21cm/24cm)

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・Sakai Jikko "Ginsan" Silver 3 Steel Kiritsuke (K-tip) Gyuto Chef's knife (20cm/23cm/26cm)


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- Sashimi knife -

Do you want to slice fish into Sashimi? These knives are for it.

A Sashimi knife is to thinly slice raw seafood and filleted blocks into sashimi and the like. The Sashimi knife will make the last cut before the sashimi reaches the mouth, so if it is possible to use a better grade knife, it will cut beautifully clean edges for even more delicious sashimi.


 ・Sakai Jikko "Ginsan" Silver-3 Steel Sashimi Yanagiba Knife (24cm/27cm/30cm)

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  There are other types of knives available besides the ones introduced here, so if you are interested, please visit the store to see them.

Of course, you can also check them out on our website.

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- Engraving - 

To make your knife more special, try engraving service.

Engraving service not only adds a personal touch to the knife, making it an ideal gift, but also helps reduce the risk of mixing it up with other knives at the workplace, aiding in better knife management.


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As you continue cooking, you might find yourself thinking, "I wish Ihad a knife like this", "tailored to your favotire dishes or ingredients you frequently".  Our store has various knives beyond those featured on this blog. Feel free to drop by anytime if you have any questions or need advice on different types of knives available.


Thank you for reading to the end.

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