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Sakai Jikko Japanese Knives Reviews

Review by Marvin Tan (Function chef at Delaware North Australia)

Purchased product: Sakai Jikko "Gyuto" Chef's Knife Damascus with hammered finish (21cm, 24cm)

It's undoubtedly that Japanese knives are well known for their sharpness. My Jikko Damascus 210mm definitely lived up to that expectation. The comfort and ease of cutting provided by the Jikko makes long hours in the kitchen less taxing on the wrist.

I had a few other Japanese knives before and they cost me anywhere from $300 to $500, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised that the Jikko Damascus I got was by far the cheapest and it held its own among my other collections. The knife maintained its sharpness for a lengthy two weeks without having to put it to the stone and the scallops on the knife prevents any ingredients sticking. I prefer 240mm knives and after having so much fun with the 210mm, it made sense for me to get the 240mm version of the damascus. The overall weight and length of the 240mm was better suited to my style of cutting.

I would highly recommend these set of knives for people those in the industry and because of the price, even to those who are cooking as a hobby. These two Jikko knives have definitely earned a spot in my collection and have even replaced my other knives as my everyday work use.

10/10 would cut again.


Review by Evgeni Feildman (Chef from Tommy Ruff Fish Bar)

Purchased product: Sakai Jikko "Gyuto" Chef's Knife Damascus with hammered finish (21cm)

It’s obvious that the quality of Japanese knives are the best. I’ve been working as a chef more than 10 years and always wanted good Japanese knives.

I knew Kaz 3 years ago and asked him for advise to choose my new knives. But most Japanese knives sold in Australia are not as good as I expected and they were also expensive.

Now I got my new knife, Jikko damascus that Kaz ordered from Osaka. I’m quite impressed with this quality. This knife gives me good weight on the blade and easy grip so I feel less fatigued even after working long hours.




Review by Janos Szopko (Chef from Pallet Espresso)

Purchased product: Sakai Jikko "Gyuto" Chef's Knife Damascus with hammered finish (21cm)

I’ve got some other Japanese knives but this Jikko’s damascus gyuto is the best. It is quality steel and I also like this looking. Price is very fair and this kind of quality is not easily found in Australia. 

I’m also interested in other knives such as vegetable and sashimi. Good thing is that sharpening Whetstone is also available at Kaz’s so I’ll start taking extra care of my knives.



Review by Eitam Brami (Owner chef from Boosa)

Purchased product: Sakai Jikko "Gyuto" Chef's Knife Damascus with hammered finish (21cm)


I’ve hardly seen Japanese knives in Australia. Now I had a chance to use and found it really easy to cut. It makes your cooking more fun! 

The weight of the blade is good so I don’t need much strength to cut. It’s very easy to use and the looking is beautiful too!  




Review by Harry Barton (Knife sharpener, Home cook enthusiast)

Purchased product: Sakai Jikko "Mille-Feuille" Santoku Knife Damascus with Hammered Finish (18cm)

Although I’m not a chef working in a commercial kitchen, I love home cooking. I am a big fan of Japanese knives. I’ve been to Kyoto to learn the proper way of sharpening knives and experienced the beauty of Japanese knives.

I got this Jikko Damascus Santoku from Kaz, and this is my favorite knife from my collection. I feel the steel is quite hard and gives you great edge after sharpening.

I believe that food’s taste is better when it’s cut with good knives. If you maintain your knife properly it lasts over 10, 20 years. It might be a bit pricy for home knives but that's worth it.