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Dremax Knife Sharpening Machine Water Circulation system DX-10

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About Product


Introducing very handy, compact knife sharpening system. It's the world's pioneering water circulation model, with water flowing over the grindstone's surface. Whether you have Japanese, Western, or Chinese knives, you can swiftly sharpen them with ease. This user-friendly sharpener features bidirectional rotation for both left and right-handed users.

L210× W270 × H260(mm)
Power supply: Single-phase 100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 100 / 110W
Rated time: 60 minutes
Specifications Whetstone: Outer diameter φ125mm, Inner diameter φ70mm, # 1.200
Weight: 5 kg


Electric Transformer (Voltage converter) needed

This electronic device operates at 100V and is designed exclusively for use in Japan. If you plan to use it in a region with a higher voltage, like 200V-240V, you must use a transformer to adjust the voltage accordingly. Failure to use a transformer may result in damage to the device, and we cannot be held responsible for such damage. We recommend purchasing this product from a local store in your region.