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Kaz's Knife - Mobile sharpening service by Balazs Molnar

Kaz's Knife - Mobile/pickup-style sharpening service by Balazs Molnar

Now we expand our Japanese knife sharpening service! Due to numerous requests, we have finally decided to start a mobile/pickup-style sharpening service. Please contact Balazs (0424864343) for our service.


Introducing Balazs

Hi, I am Balazs Molnar. I have been working as a chef for over 15 years and have been captivated by beauty of Japanese knives. The world of knife sharpening is profound and I've been studying it through trial and error on my own. However, I met Kaz last year and took his sharpening class a lot of times and now, I am working at Kaz's Knife and Kitchenware as a knife sharpener and we want to expand our sharpening service. 

How does the mobile sharpening service work?

1. I will come to you (your home, your work place etc...) and collect your knives and deliver them next day.

2. My main service area is Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. (however please feel free to contact me if you require our service)

3. Sharpening cost will be calculated by the length of the blade at $1 per 1cm. (Ex $20 for 20cm Chef's knife, $12 for 12cm petty)

4. Additional charges may apply depending on your knives condition. (extra $10 for chips bigger than 2mm, broken tip, thick/old blade etc..)

5. Please SMS 0424864343 (Balazs) with your name, your location, number of knives, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


What is the difference between ordinary machine sharpening and ours?

1. All knives are hand sharpened with 3~5 Japanese whetstones.

2. We will not heat up and burn your knives.

3. We will not loose unnecessary amount of your steel.

4. We will find the best edge profile for your knives/purposes.

5. We understand your knives are special to you and we respect and take care of your knives.