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Knife Engraving Service

This product is available.

Engraving takes place in Japan, it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Please note: 

We can engrave your name or message on the blade. It's $10 per knife. Please put 2x engraving services in the cart if you would like to order 2 knives to be engraved.

For laser engraving an image such as company's logo, we need to have the "ai data" (Adobe Illustrator) that contains the path data of the image. We charge $20 per logo engraving, so please add 2x engraving service per logo engraving.

There is no field where you can fill out the engraving details during checkout, so please email Hiroki info.kazsknifeonline@gmail.com after completing your order.

Engraving service is only available for knives purchased from us. 


How does "Engraving Service" work?

Knife engraving is performed by one of the professional craftsmen at Sakai Jikko in Osaka.

We will order your knives by sending the engraving request to the manufacturer therefore it takes roughly 2 weeks from the time the order is placed until it is delivered to you. Please allow enough time if you consider it for a present.

We will use "Laser Engraving" for alphabet letters or "Hand Carving" for Japanese Kanji letters.

(*) hand carving is available for up to 3 Kanji letters and may not be applicable to some types of knives (eg: bread knives). In this case we use laser engraving.

Please refer to the following website if you would like to find your name in Kanji or ask us to create one.


(Example: Michael=舞圭琉)


Please note: Engraved knives are not refundable for return even if they are unused and in the original condition (unless manufacturer defects are found)


Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews Write a review

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